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Heard It All T-Shirt

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"Today is our 15-year anniversary and it means nothing to me. I know that's weird and it's not meant to sound ungrateful. This is coming from the same guy that ducks out on his own birthday. It's hard for me to fake enthusiasm in these arbitrary Hallmark dates—like someone said, "Hey, it's been exactly 5,475 days since you launched this company, now feel happier than you did yesterday!"

An anniversary date is just another Friday to me, no different than every other morning for the last 15 years that I've woken up excited and eager to get back to work on this brand. Look. I'm not inspired by distinctions and recognition. The only thing that motivates me is the bigger picture across time: telling our story, building a business, working with our friends... I celebrate every moment that I get to do this, the big ones and small ones, and not just the days I'm "supposed to." I thrive off the entire process. I savor every step of the journey.

Our 15 years isn't defined by anniversaries. The Hundreds is punctuated by the little things, the everyday things. Conversations with our customers, late night photo shoots, Pantone chips. Every second you allow us to keep doing this is a cause for celebration, so Happy 473,040,000-second anniversary to us. We couldn't have done it without all 424,639 of you." - Bobby Hundreds


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