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By Bobby Hundreds

There is something going on in Skateboarding today that I haven’t seen or heard of in years. And for the first time in a long time, I’m listening. We’re listening. Let me just say that the way I feel about Skateboarding right now is how I felt about Streetwear back when we were starting up. The seasons are changing. Skaters are breaking away from their sponsors, teams are splintering apart, voices are rising against, and Skateboarders are taking back what they rightfully believe is theirs. So many new brands (and old) igniting, fueled by a renaissance, a revolution…

Marc Johnson is one of my all-time faves and his recent JENKEM interview drives it home. As a fan and sympathizer, thank you for speaking out and speaking up, Marc. It is brave and right, it inspires us all, skateboarder or not. (READ THE PIECE HERE)


And a final farewell to the 3rd tab in my Bookmark Bar, Chrome Ball Incident. Closing up shop with a couple o’ bangers, Natas and Guy…


Skateboarders never die.Long Live Skateboarding.