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The Hundreds by Todd Bratrud :: Virtual Gallery

The Hundreds by Todd Bratrud :: Virtual Gallery

By Kazie Holiday

“The Hundreds by Todd Bratrud” collection is now available at The Hundreds’ flagship locations and authorized stockists, and today, we’re launching a series of customized prints and artist proofs penned by Todd himself, available for viewing HERE.

As a teenager, Todd Bratrud wanted to be a skateboarder and an artist. He dreamed of passionate romances with exotic, large-breasted women. Now, in varying proportions, he’s doing all of these things. Todd’s artwork is a true and honest reflection of his personality; an extension of his teenage fascination with skateboarding, pin-ball machine art, girls with big boobs, comic books, and all the best youthful vices society would prefer us to grow out of. He has achieved the impossible: the highly elusive balance of being both a freelance artist and a professional teenager.

“This project and these drawings are as simple as what happens when you keep a marker on you at all times, obviously bathroom walls are where the best examples of this style of ‘art’ can be found. Also, I physically (and mentally) can’t stop drawing, so these crude drawings might be the most accurate depiction of how my mind works when it comes to creating art.” – Todd Bratrud

Constantly drawing, Todd Bratrud’s mind rarely takes a break from the Sharpie-doodling inspirations that canvas the bathroom walls of his Grand Forks abode. The “The Hundreds by Todd Bratrud” collection borrows Todd’s seasoned hand to create a limited illustrative line-up, consisting of short and long-sleeve T-shirts, a short-sleeve button-up woven shirt, a pullover hooded sweatshirt, 5-panel cap, and a notebook/sharpie combo pack.



Tucker Gerrick interviews Todd Bratrud on Send Help, Midwestern vibes, and his skate roots in art.

Tucker shoots Todd, the local small town skate park boys, and Send Help riders in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Familia Skateshop in Minneapolis.