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The Inspiration Behind Our Stanley Kubrick Collaborations

The Inspiration Behind Our Stanley Kubrick Collaborations

By Andy Taylor

We’re just about two weeks into our month-long celebration of Stanley Kubrick, and if you’re like us, his work is making an immense impact on our lives all over again.

If we’re being honest, this collaboration was supposed to come out a little while ago, but you know how it is dealing with a massive property like this. Things get hung up on the details and there are a lot of moving parts. But looking back, this was the perfect time for people to experience the brilliance of Kubrick and appreciate just how ahead of his time he was.

After The Hundreds first collaborated with Kubrick’s estate on the 2001: A Space Odyssey capsule a few years ago, we knew we’d have to return to the sick and twisted worlds he created once more.

This time around, we’re checking three more all-time classics off of our bucket list, with full collections dedicated to The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, and **SPOILER ALERT** A Clockwork Orange. We also have something very special on deck for week four of this project, but we’ll let that be a surprise.

Last week, we traveled up the winding Rocky Mountain roads to The Overlook Hotel to celebrate The Shining, one of the most psychologically haunting stories ever put on film. While we’ve been working on this for well over a year, it turns out there was never a better time to unleash the horrors of The Shining than right now, while everyone is cooped up in their cribs for months — just like Jack, Wendy, and Danny.

Our co-founder Bobby Hundreds led the design of the full collections for each of the films we’re covering, pulling inspiration from an unexpected place to ensure these timeless pieces would stand apart from any other Kubrick tributes ever done in our space.

Bobby was drawn to the movie posters that were used internationally to promote the release of these films, specifically those used in the Japanese roll-outs.

What stood out about these international movie posters was how effective they were at delivering a message. With The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, and A Clockwork Orange, the posters gave onlookers such a visceral feeling that it transcended language barriers. The horror you see on Shelly Duval’s face requires zero context. You know from just looking at it that this movie is going to scare the absolute shit out of you.

And that was how Kubrick told stories. He rarely gave you a backstory or character development or explanations. Kubrick made you react to what was happening right in front of you at that very moment, and these posters reflected that perfectly.

This artwork also signifies Kubrick’s impact across the globe, where he is still regarded by the masses as one of, if not the, best cinematic storytellers in history.

“It was important to show not only how pervasive Kubrick’s influence was on generations, but geography,” Bobby Hundreds explained. “So, we employed his international movie poster art to express how far-reaching his work is, and how many people have been affected by it around the world.”


The script on The Shining pieces translates to “A Masterpiece of Modern Horror,” while the Full Metal Jacket pieces say “The Best War Movie Ever Made” in Japanese, pulled directly from the original posters in 1980 and 1987, respectively.

We won’t spoil the surprise of our A Clockwork Orange collection just yet, but you can tune into The Hundreds TV for a new episode of Dropping In with Bobby Hundreds tomorrow, May 28th at 1 PM PST for a sneak peek. Bobby will be showing the entire Full Metal Jacket collection, including his favorite pieces and a preview of what’s next.