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The Hundreds Summer 2020 Collection

The Hundreds Summer 2020 Collection

By The Hundreds UK Staff

On May 7th, The Hundreds will release the first delivery of its Summer collection, complete with an entire line of graphic printables and accessories. One week later, on May 14th, a second delivery of cut-and-sew pieces will hit The Hundreds App and Online Shop, as well as select stockists worldwide.

From the beach to the big city and beyond, The Hundreds is innovating with everything it’s learned while reflecting on the best Summers ever. Sun-faded washes, sporty stripes, and vibrant colors make this collection truly pop, a perfect match for your vibe all Summer long. These pieces have a billowy, more roomy fit, and use airy, lightweight meshes that will keep you cool when things heat up.

The lineup of shorts is as versatile as ever, with standout pieces ready for camping, swimming, going for a walk around the block, or afternoon naps on the couch under the fan until we can do all those other things again. This truly will be a Summer we never forget.

The collection pays tribute to America’s pastime and race cars of yesteryear, plus LA’s favorite teams. This Summer, The Hundreds is looking back and moving forward, just like it always does.

Get your hands on Summer graphics and accessories on Thursday, May 7th, with cut-and-sew following on Thursday, May 14th.

Modeled by Madison Wade and Alex Alvarez
Shot by Ben Shmikler