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Test Shot :: Alysha Grace

Test Shot :: Alysha Grace


Since I have been spending some quality time in N.Y. I think it is only right that I share what else I have been up to while out here. Sure I have been having some adventures with some good friends but I have also had the good fortune of shooting with some pretty girls. Like Alysha, she had contacted me in regards to shooting while on my flight out here. After checking out her instagram I figured why not. I figured we would be able to create some good stuff together. So on tuesday she drove out to Queens and we got rolling on taking some flicks. I think if there was a word to describe her physically I would say “womanly”. Having all the curves in the right places along with a set eyes and a smile that were captivating I really didn’t see how we could not produce some good images. So take a look below to see for yourself along with her answering some of my questions so you guys could get to know her a little bit.  But stay tuned from my upcoming posts, got some good stuff in the works.


Ok Alysha lets have it, how old are you?


And your Ethnicity?

Sicilian and Ukrainian

What about your birth place?

New Brunswick,NJ

Where are you currently living?

Same Place.

What are some of your likes in life?

Water,reading books,sushi,my mother and martial arts/sports.

Any dislikes?

Olives,cats,bad traffic and rude people.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A actress…. but I am already doing that so I guess I am grown up!

What are some of your influences?

Great minds in all fields. People who think originally!

Give me your favorite place traveled.

South France.

Name a place you want to visit before you die.


What is your current employment?


What is your favorite music?

Tupac, hip hop and christian music. Really anything from hardcore dirty mouth hip-hop to singing,praise,worshiping christian rock.

What is your biggest fear?

Deep water diving!



















Foll0w Alysha on instagram – @alyshagrace and on twitter – @alyshagrace_