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Special Edition This Is Not A T Shirt By Bobby Hundreds

SPECIAL EDITION :: This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds

By Ben Crane

Today is the first time you can buy Bobby’s book directly from The Hundreds, as weird as that sounds. And to commemorate the occasion, we released a very unique version. Special Edition Cover No. 1 features the original cover design that Bobby made before the publisher decided to use a different design that stood out a little more on bookshelves. But this one is a little more Bobby. These are all first edition copies, which are out of print worldwide. They are also all signed by the author himself. Each copy comes with an exclusive photo zine insert that helps add context to the story and show you what Bobby looked like with bleached hair.

Aside from the physical copies of the book, we’re also releasing four brand new t-shirts featuring Bobby’s illustrations ripped straight from the pages of This Is Not a T-Shirt.