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Rendezvous :: Kayslee II

Rendezvous :: Kayslee II

By Neave Bozorgi

It’s Friday! Which means one thing: Someone got semi-naked recently and the photos are up here for your viewing pleasure. I have never liked the word “pleasure.” Ever go to Chik-fil-a and order something? Every time you say something appreciative, they respond with “my pleasure” and it gets to a point where it’s creepy. What are you people doing back there?! Stop with the pleasuring…

Back to this post. So homegirl Kayslee recently chopped her hair off, posed nude for a major publication, and lived in New York for a bit. Pretty fucking eventful right? So we decided to catch up since we live 5 minutes from each other. She came over to my house with a few pieces she had laying around and we got to shooting/catching up. She looks fantastic with the short hair, and has one of those faces that is made for timeless black and white photos. I decided the whole set should be in black and white, and that we should listen to very sad music. We put on some Creed and the results are what you see below!

JK on that Creed comment, by the way.


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