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Read This Interview with Bobby Hundreds About Back To The Hundreds II

Read This Interview with Bobby Hundreds About Back To The Hundreds II

By Andy Taylor

Ahead of our Back To The Hundreds II release tonight at 9 PM PST, Back To The Future superfan (and The Hundreds co-founder) Bobby Hundreds spoke with Steven Spielberg fan site Amblin Road about all things Back To The Hundreds, including our obscure references, why it means more to us than our original Back To The Future collab, and how it all came together.

Read a piece of the Q&A here and then head to Amblin Road, the authority on all things Steven Spielberg, to read the entire interview.

You released a Back to the Future collection in 2015 that was pretty extensive in terms of the amount of pieces that were created. Did you know in 2015 that you wanted to revisit the property at some point?

Totally. Look, straight up, at the time, the team we worked with at Universal didn’t quite get the vision. It was difficult to get them onboard for a lot of the more collaborative artwork and so I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the first Back to the Future collection. Here’s one example – for that project, we weren’t allowed to use Chris Lloyd or Michael J. Fox’s likenesses. That’s why they are nowhere in that initial collaboration. So, in my head and heart, I knew that eventually we’d get to a place where we could have more creative liberty in working with Back to the Future. And I’m happy to say we’ve reached that goal with Back to The Hundreds II. And it’s all thanks to the current team in place at Universal. We love you!

When it comes to this 2020 collection – which piece or item is your favorite and why?

It’s a tie between Doc’s button-up and Marty’s denim jacket. We did a version of Marty’s jacket the first time around, but it was modified to work for 2015. For the 2020 collaboration, I wanted to re-create the jacket literally, down to the lining. There’s a lot of lore around that denim piece if you dig into it online, not just amongst BTTF fans, but denim and fashion heads. The original reference is a rarity and so this is another shot at owning history. Also, as far as styling goes, the jacket actually fits appropriately in 2020. Much better than it would’ve worked in 2015.