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Rare Gems :: Inspiration LA 2016 Recap

Rare Gems :: Inspiration LA 2016 Recap

By The Hundreds Staff

This past weekend, Inspiration LA came back. Southern California’s annual gathering of those influenced by vintage and Americana-fueled fashion, art, denim, metal goods, and culture was originally started by Rin Tanaka as a meeting hub for local artisans and vendors to buy, sell, and exchange their incredibly rare deadstock. Since then, Inspiration LA has evolved into its own thriving culture. In an industry as constantly-evolving as fashion, Inspiration manages to highlight the importance of each garment’s history and context within the present, in order to propel it into the future. Photographer Paolo Fortades was there to capture the unique energy of annual event and get a glimpse into some of the rarest clothing ever put into one building. Take a look below.