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QUARANTINE Q&A :: Chad Muska

QUARANTINE Q&A :: Chad Muska

By Emma Fudge

If you’ve been following along with our Quarantine Live Blogs, you know that we’re not trying to replace the news during this absolutely bonkers time in our history, we’re just trying to entertain you and maybe hold off the stir-craziness for a bit. That’s it, just some casual internet fun.

And recognizing that if we’re at home chilling, then everyone else must be too, we wanted to check in with some friends and see how they were holding up. Just a quick check-in, and we did it in the DMs so they didn’t even have to get dressed.

We wanted to tap in with one of our most positive friends first. You know, trying to maybe catch a vibe and see the brighter side of this whole thing. So, duh, we had to hit up Chad Muska.

The legendary skater and artist thankfully had some time for us, so we chopped it up and got some great tips for your Quarantine — plus photos of his doggos.