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By Andy Taylor

Something shifted last week.

Quarantine has been rough on everyone, and some way more than others. But this past week, shit truly hit the fan. Maybe people are at their breaking points. A second month of rent is due with virtually half the country out of work or struggling in some significant way. It’s hard to find where to get reliable news about the pandemic, as everyone is serving up stories that fit the narrative they want to dish out. If you want to find data to suggest this whole thing was blown way out of proportion, you can find it. If you want some proof that the world is indeed ending, it’s out there.


But Covid-19 news wasn’t what really shocked me this past week. Seeing thousands of idiots in Huntington Beach putting politics ahead of protecting people may surprise some but it’s not anything new. Rather, it was the stories that didn’t shake the earth at its core (but probably should have) that caught me off guard.

In case you missed it while it was only trending on Twitter for like 25 minutes, the United States Government confirmed the existence of aliens. Like, for real. And it was TOM FUCKING DELONGE that forced their hand. Breh.

For those who aren’t up to speed on their pop-punk lore, Blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge traversed down a path of interstellar pioneering and government conspiracy debunking after leaving the massively popular band in 2015. The Blink breakup devastated fans around the world but excited people who are super into rock stars who divide their efforts between music that is considered by some to be not quite as awesome as their old stuff and exploration of the unknown.

Then, we got Angels and Airwaves, DeLonge’s new band that centered around love, peace, and aliens. It sounds kind of like 30 Seconds to Mars crossed with Jimmy Eat World while covering songs from the Armageddon Soundtrack. Between Tom’s newfound mission of solving the universe’s most persistent mysteries and his out-of-this-world new band, fans and critics were understandably confused about the star’s career choices.

In 2017, DeLonge went on Joe Rogan and the two had one of the more tense conversations you’ll ever see on the Joe Rogan Experience. At around the 38-minute mark of this interview, DeLonge talks about an upcoming milestone for his To The Stars Academy, the organization he started with former high-ranking government officials to uncover more truths about extraterrestrial life. He explains how he is about to release a number of videos to the public that have never been seen before. He says these videos are of UFOs and that the videos are different than any other UFO videos in history because they aren’t filmed on someone’s phone or a “leak” but rather classified footage from Intelligence agencies that he has secured and gotten declassified.

Rogan acts like he’s crazy. We all thought he was crazy.

Around this same time, DeLonge puts out a book about his research called Sekret Machines, and WikiLeaks basically confirms that DeLonge may not be insane when they leak a bunch of government documents detailing alien research and UFOs and it shows that DeLonge has, in fact, been working with the government.

Later in 2017, Tom makes good on the promise he gave during Joe Rogan’s show and releases the videos of Navy pilots witnessing unidentified aircraft flying in their view. The videos came out alongside a New York Times article that contained a firsthand account from one of the Navy pilots heard in the video, Cmdr. David Fravor.

Fast forward to this past week, and the Pentagon released the videos, originally captured in 2004, through their own channels “…in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real.” The Navy had confirmed the videos were real in 2019 but this marked the first time a Government agency had itself shared the videos.

Our bad, Tom DeLonge.


And while all of this pretty much confirms that aliens do exist and they can make way cooler shit than us, the biggest Tom DeLonge news out of this past week may still be that he hinted at a new Boxcar Racer project.

In other news, MURDER HORNETS. Natural occurrence or government conspiracy to keep us inside and OFF THE BEACH? You be the judge.