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QUARANTINE LIVE BLOG 6 :: The Walls Are Closing In

QUARANTINE LIVE BLOG 6 :: The Walls Are Closing In

By The Hundreds UK Staff

The President announced yesterday that we were supposed to stay in our homes for another 30 days.

It sucks but we had to see it coming. Honestly, there’s most likely another 30 where that came from. And while I’m absolutely still adjusting to life under semi-quarantine, it’s not outrageous what we’re being asked to do. I’m not going to get all mad on the internet about other people going out and doing things in public. I don’t know, maybe they’re trying to catch the Rona to help find a cure. You just never know the whole story, you know?

But like I said, I’m adjusting. Miss my family and friends, miss being able to go do things, miss when the whole top section of Instagram wasn’t filled with people going live. It’s getting bad on there. Like if everyone became Lil Boosie overnight.

But I get it, people are bored, anxious, scared, and want to distract themselves. Can relate.

So, like SOME landlords out there that are not mine as of yet, let’s cut everyone some slack and just get through these next 30 or however many days of quarantine together.

The Hundreds team has been maintaining some semblance of normalcy by staying in touch through Slack and Zoom. It’s obviously not the same but we’re making it work.

The virtual backgrounds are always funny and now people are getting more creative with them. Bobby started a new game where he takes screenshots of little things in the background and has us Guess the Coworker. The meme channel on Slack has been taken to new heights. The crew at work that makes another pot of coffee in the afternoon and chats in the kitchen for a few? Still doing it, through the immense power of the internet. And coffee makers.

Like the great Kit Ramsey, we just have to keep it together.


When I avoid delivery or takeout and actually make food at home: