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By Bobby Hundreds

Black Friday’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and we got a special event going on. Not only are we unleashing the remaining 60 “Side Adam Bomb” New Era fitteds that we’ve set aside over the past year, but everything instore (yes, that includes the new stuff) is 50% off between the hours of 5am and 8am. Later that day, we will be dropping the new “Adam Bomb” New Eras as well (Check Tony’s update on our store blog to the right). Check the flyer below, or on the front page, for more information on The Hundreds Black Friday.

Dom’s also got a huge Black Friday sale going on at Brooklyn Projects, with the entire store’s stock set at 50 – 75% off all day long. That’s Crooks, Fuct, Nike SB, and BP’s own inhouse line…



Plus, you heard it here first. For every $100 spent, customers will get 1 ticket (spend $200, get 2 tix, etc.) to enter a raffle whereby they’ll have the opportunity to buy a pair of size 10 “What the Dunk” Nike SBs at the suggested retail price. I think that’s like $120 or so. Good deal, considering what they’ve been fetching for on eBay.


Clyde “Hustlemania” Singleton up in Dom’s backyard.


Like E.T.


by bobbyhundreds