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By Bobby Hundreds

We’ve been friends with theRebel 8guys for a while now, so when Joshy told me a couple Agendas ago that he was looking to move their base down to LA from San Francisco, it couldn’t have come at a better time (for The Hundreds, of course). Last summer, we were looking for a new home as well, as our Wall St. HeadQuarters was bursting at the seams. So win-win for everyone, we handed over our space to Rebel 8 to have their way with.


Well, we could’ve never imagined this. Joshy and the Rebel 8 crew took our old offices and warehouse space and flipped ’em inside-out. For example, our showroom is virtually unrecognizable now, having gone from a black hole to a white-on-white modern interior.


This table is composed of only 3 pieces, and carved from 1 piece of wood:

thehundreds5330 thehundreds5332

Joshy’s still moving in, so all of the Mike Giant original one-offs are still littered around the room. This is a collaboration between Mike and Shepard:


Giant’s original artwork for the Blink-182 album:


Another collaborative piece with Shep for Tribal:


Our waiting room eventually devolved into a clubhouse for the warehouse guys to watch COPS throughout the day. Joshy stripped the TV completely and renovated the space to inspire conversation amongst visitors.


All the upstairs desks are custom-made of beautiful wood, everything with a fresh coat of paint:


Joshy’s taken over Ben’s old office. Looks a lot better without all the Ben in it:


Our old Sales area is cut in half. Giant sits on the other side now in his studio.



The very first piece that Mike Giant did for Rebel 8:


The old creative wing of The Hundreds. No more gaping hatchet wounds in the door. No more naughty calendars on the wall.


And this is my old office! Looks a lot smaller now, definitely smells a lot better.


A very rare Mike Giant watercolor by the front door:

The stairwell is my favorite re-working. Mike’s spent time in here scrawling all the Rebel 8 mottos and phrases on the walls in his arsenal of distinctive handstyles:


This is the part where our staff is gonna get really upset. Check out what Joshy did to the kitchen:



If you recall, our kitchen was made of legos and cardboard boxes.


Being back here brings back a lot of memories, but also inspires both Joshy and I in our journey. It was just a few years ago when The Hundreds first stepped foot into this warehouse and it sat empty. We’d play soccer up and down the building, skate, and eat lunch with the 5 or so other guys that were in the office. Eventually, those 5 turned to 50, and 1 rack of shelving turned into dominoes. Joshy is continuing that legacy and hopes that after he fulfills his mission on Wall St., this space will go on to house the next great Streetwear brands to come out of Los Angeles.

So who’s up for it? Who’s next in line??

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