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LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds X Puma

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds X Puma "A Hopeful Future"

By The Hundreds Staff


We need to be kinder to Mother Earth. Together with Puma, The Hundreds leads the way into a future where style and sustainability go hand-in-hand, where the products are thoughtfully created, and the long term health of our planet is front of mind. This collection is a glimpse into a better tomorrow, utilizing recycled materials, concentrating on sustainability, and raising awareness on an urgent issue.


Sneaker culture has exploded in the last couple of decades, transforming the footwear category from functional apparel to wearable art. Although sneakers have become hot commodities and collectibles, it hasn’t come without a steep cost. The by-product of the shoe boom is untold amounts of waste that critically endanger our natural resources. The Hundreds and Puma are taking a stand with the A Hopeful Future collection, incorporating recycled materials and responsible manufacturing to lessen fashion’s impact on the planet we call home.


While we love streetwear, and fashion as a whole, The Hundreds and Puma both recognize the immense impact clothing manufacturing has had on our environment. From the catastrophic amount of water wasted in the dyeing process to landfills jam-packed with usable clothing, a reality check for the industry is long overdue. The Hundreds and Puma designed a collection that our future selves can be proud of, sustainably manufactured with recycled water, organic cotton, and a wide range of other ecologically conscious materials to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. These garments are designed to look amazing today, tomorrow, and for a hopeful future.

Photography: Baeth
Model: Bryce Pascual
Style: Erica Puebla