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LOOKBOOK :: Back To The Hundreds II

LOOKBOOK :: Back To The Hundreds II

By Andy Taylor

On Thursday, July 23rd, The Hundreds doesn’t need roads where it’s going. For the first time in five years, we’re going Back To The Future, this time to focus on the second chapter of our favorite film saga of all time.

Back To The Hundreds Ⅱ is our second adventure with Doc and Marty and the gang, so we had to take it up a notch, all the way to 88 miles per hour. This time around, we dug even deeper into the films to truly discover what our favorite elements are, and we’re bringing them to you in real life.

From the vicious pitbull that graces Biff’s hoverboard to Doc’s funny green socks from the future, we’re bringing it all to 2020. We’ve recreated Marty’s iconic denim jacket, down to the most inconspicuous detail. We even stuck the jacket with the same pins Marty had on his. You are Marty. Bobby is Marty. We are all Marty.

But we went even further, Marty. Remember the pajamas Doc was wearing in the second movie, the ones with the spoiler for the then-unreleased third movie printed right on them? Yeah, we took care of all the Doc fans, too. The print from his pajamas has been upgraded to a silky-smooth woven short-sleeve button-up, ready to spend its future in heavy wardrobe rotation this Summer.

Buckle up and pick a year because, on July 23rd, The Hundreds and Back To The Future are joining forces once again for Back To The Hundreds Ⅱ, available on The Hundreds App and Online Shop (US and UK), as well as select stockists worldwide.

Modeled by Sydney Graham and Khai Nguyen
Shot by Baeth