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La Mash Rsvp To Ride Alongside The Hundreds And The Shadow Conspiracy

LA MASH :: RSVP to Ride Alongside The Hundreds and The Shadow Conspiracy

By Ben Shenassafar

The Hundreds is gearing up to release our latest bicycular creation into the world, a 26″ retro BMX beauty built by The Shadow Conspiracy. To kick off the party, we’re mashing around LA on our bikes with our friends and we want you to come along — because you’re our friend, aren’t you? Say yes.

We’ll meet up at The Hundreds store on Fairfax at 5:30 PM, do a bunch of wheelies for the gram, and end up at Lock & Key around 7 PM for the after party. Fair warning, this is a BYOB event. Bring your own bike. We can’t jump the curbs if you’re riding on our handlebars so just come prepared.