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By Bobby Hundreds

I got back to my desk this morning to find it had been taken over by shwag. Garry sent down all the new RMK/Livestock collaborative pieces, including the black raw denim and lightweight tees. I also finally got our double-label tee shirt that I based off of Strange Brew, which is a movie that you should be familiar with. Rick Moranis, donuts, beer, and bad Canadian jokes, eh.


Incase is one of those brands that I have always heard much about and admired from afar, but have actually never appreciated on a firsthand level. So Damon sent us a nice lil’ package of some of Incase’s greatest hits, including a very comprehensive backpack that can hold my entire life, topographical iPhone case which is so awesome that I’m gonna carry it around even though I don’t have an iPhone, and a stylish ballistic nylon laptop case lined with fur that feels so good I cut out 2 holes in the bottom and am wearing them as diapers. I can describe it for days, but neither words or photos do any justice to this stuff. Best luggage ever.



Nike sent some reflective Silver On AM 97s, which will definitely help me avoid getting hit by a truck when I go for a run. Again.



by bobbyhundreds