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KIT-CAT CLOCK :: Hollywood's Favorite Kitty Co-Star

KIT-CAT CLOCK :: Hollywood's Favorite Kitty Co-Star

By Ben Shenassafar

Since 1932, when the Kit-Cat Clock was invented to create some joy at home during the height of the Great Depression, the iconic American-made timepiece has become a universally loved piece of decor.

Whether your grandma had one keeping watch over the cookie jar or your friend down the street had one that scared you in the middle of the night on your first sleepover, you’ve encountered the legendary piece of Americana at some point on your journey.

Hollywood set designers are no exception and have used Kit-Cat clocks to make their movies and shows more relatable to viewers at home, creating an instant sense of familiarity.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Kit-Cat cameos that you may or may not remember, and be sure to let us know on Twitter if we missed any.