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By Bobby Hundreds

Yesterday morning, I was forwarded this email, and it’s pretty heavy, so be prepared:

“Sup Bobby or who ever can get in contact with him.. My name is Tony and I had a cousin Huy Le who passed away.. He was only 19 years old and he was a huge The Hundreds fan just like I am. But on Feb. 12 he was murdered and he placed an order with you guys on Feb. 8th. His order came in while we [were] all at his house mourning him. I opened the box to see what it was.. his mother held on the “Reloaded” jacket so tight.. It was heartbreaking. At his funeral we put in his coffin his favorite The Hundreds fitted cap. His 1 month is coming up this Friday the 12th…”

So Huy Le, this is for you bud, from all of us here at The Hundreds, your cousin Tony Nguyen, your little sister Amanda Le, and your hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts. Thanks for all the support and love, we hope you rest in peace, may angels lead you in.


by bobbyhundreds