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HUGE NEWS :: Adam Bomb is Back and Bigger than Ever

HUGE NEWS :: Adam Bomb is Back and Bigger than Ever

By Andy Taylor

A hissing sound persists, like a snake getting closer by the second. The noise cuts through every other field of existence, dominating the senses. There’s an intermittent crackling in the hiss, growing louder as the hissing inches closer. Our protagonist’s face cowers in fear and concern as he realizes his certain fate.

But it never happens.

Adam Bomb never detonates. He never blows up. He is suspended in time, in a vacuum of despair, always nervous that today might be the day. But it isn’t. Not today, not tomorrow. And that’s what makes Adam the perfect mascot for The Hundreds, a brand constantly growing and seemingly on the precipice of blowing up but never fully exploding. The storm beneath the surface, the underground sound, the looming “Big One.”

Like Bobby’s well-known love/hate relationship with his most famous artistic creation, Adam’s popularity has come in and out in waves over the last decade-plus. There have been eras where Adam has been relegated to the background, always right there with his persistently hissing fuse, ready to jump back into focus when a whole new generation of kids become enamored with his cute little face and adorable impending doom.

Over the last year, Adam has experienced a renaissance, hitting his stride and becoming bigger than ever. And as you’ll see shortly, we mean that literally.

Last year, The Hundreds unveiled the first-ever Adam Bomb collection, full of undistorted and non-manipulated Adams, on a wide range of new products for fans new and old to cherish forever. And they couldn’t get enough. It sold out faster than immediately. GONE.

So, we brought Adam back later in the year for another small collection, an expansion pack, if you will. OUTTA HERE, again. It was basically sold out the second it hit the site. We were surprised but not surprised. We know how much you love Adam because we know how much we all love Adam.


We knew we had to go big with this year’s Adam Bomb collection because yet again, the enigmatic explosive is having another banner outing in 2020. I mean, come on, he made his Fortnite debut in the biggest concert event of the year. If we weren’t so positive he wasn’t ever going to blow up, we’d be slightly worried about his head so much bigger.

One of the best parts of The Hundreds is that we don’t have one single kind of fan in our community. It’s a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and personality types. That’s why projects like the Adam Bomb collection do so well. It strikes a nostalgic nerve for 30-somethings who remember waiting in line for the Santa Monica Store opening in hopes of snagging a Black Adam, but it also represents some 9th grader’s first chance to get a lot of this Adam stuff.

For instance, this drop includes a number of products that haven’t seen the light of day in over a decade. The Adam Bomb Skate Deck was a limited drop all the way back in 2008 and hasn’t been released since. Boom, it’s back.

The Side Adam New Era fitted hats were the definition of a smash hit back in the day, causing insane line-ups across the country. Boom, a brand new burgundy colorway of the certified classic. Raw denim with Adam poking out the back pocket? BACK. The very rare Side Adam T-Shirt that hasn’t been available since 2007 and was never sold online? BACK, and in new colorways.

We want to let our homie Adam relive all of his greatest memories, while still helping achieve new goals in his life. We’re expanding Adam’s repertoire and he’s embracing it wholeheartedly, gracing all kinds of new tchotchkes and trinkets, including classy Chenille Patches — like little miniature Adam Rugs for your jacket.

But the crowning achievement of this year’s Adam Bomb collection is something much bigger. If you thought The Hundreds was HUGE before, you haven’t seen anything yet, because we made a bigger Adam Bomb than has ever been made, and we’re putting it right in your living room so you can hear the beautiful hissing and crackling of destiny from the comfort of your own home.

The Adam Bomb Giant Rug is a behemoth, plain and simple. It dwarfs every other Adam Bomb in existence and is the ultimate prize for any The Hundreds fan. Yeah, you’re going to have to make some changes at home, and we realize that. Your couch may have to be moved, a new coffee table may have to be bought, you may even have to give away that pet that won’t stop peeing on the existing rugs in your crib. Alright, that’s too far, don’t give away your dog. But you get the point, sacrifices will have to be made. The Adam Bomb Giant Rug is not an accessory, it’s a lifestyle choice.

But it begs the question: what’s next? Where is this going?

Sure, this Adam Bomb collection is outstanding, and a crowning achievement for the bombastic little guy, but what is on the horizon? How do we step it up for next year’s Adam collection? Are we that far off from an Adam Bomb car… or a rocket ship? Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see what he does next.