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Photo Recap :: Hanksy's Surplus Candy Comes to LA

Photo Recap :: Hanksy's Surplus Candy Comes to LA

By Kazie Holiday

Over this last weekend, New York street artist Hanksy gathered over 50 urban artists from around the country for the LA-edition of his widely popular Surplus Candy space takeover. After successfully painting the entirety of an abandoned NYC tenement back in 2014, Hanksy brought the event to Los Angeles.

A call back to the transitory roots of urban art, Surplus Candy was a one night only affair—you either saw it or you didn’t. It was an immense secret takeover that finds both emerging and established artists—a mix of LA and New York’s CraolaMeggs, Hottea, and more— painting side-by-side over the course of five days in a unique, unbranded, 10,000 square feet dilapidated house.

If you missed out on the massive and immersive experience, you can check out some of the photos below, by @exploringnewavenues.

Prior to opening:

Showtime. The nondescript house: