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Free J Boosies Top 10 Wrestling T Shirts Ever Brother


By Ben Crane

Wrestling T-Shirts have become a symbol of the culturally savvy and a staple in street style, making them rare collectables fluctuating in price like your favorite Jordan 1s. This recent trend in vintage wrestling t-shirts and other WWE merchandise allows people to slip back into the nostalgia of Monday Night Wars when WWE and WCW were slugging it out for ratings.

When Stone Cold and The Rock were feuding over the WWE Championship. When Ultimate Warrior would run out to the ring to take on The Undertaker and Paul Bearer, or when Kofi Kingston became WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. These moments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ‘Greatest of Pro Wrestling’.

Here is a leap off the top rope into my favorite wrestling tees of all time.

Ken Shamrock, the original mixed-martial arts cross over into professional wrestling.

Mankind Rap Tee gives a nod to bootleg 90s streetwear.

Latino World Order, when Eddie Guerrero, Ray Mysterio, La Parka, and Psychosis were taking the WCW by storm with their lucha libre wrestling.

Taz was introduced in WWE after being the biggest bad-ass in ECW. An easy choice.

The Four Horsemen easily have some of the best wrestling faculty in the history of the business. Dean Malenko is still my favorite wrestler because of his technical abilities in the ring.

DIAMOND CUTTER! Diamond Dallas Page sporting his signature hand gesture for his signature move. He actually tried to sue for trademark infringement after Jay-Z adopted the same hand sign and they ultimately settled out of court.

Hulkamania was before my time but Hulk Hogan’s overall global impact cannot be debated.

Brett ‘The Hitman’ Heart won the hearts of millions of WWE fans, ultimately getting screwed out of his WWE Championship to Shawn Michaels in the notorious “Montreal Screw Job.” His contributions to wrestling through The Hart Foundation have spawned countless wrestling careers, making Hitman the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling.

Rikishi is a part of the Samoan Dynasty and has the most degrading signature move in the biz. Using his weight to his advantage, very few could topple Rikishi. Catch him groovin with ‘Too Cool.’

Would it be a list without Stone Cold Steve Austin? No it would not. STUNNER STUNNER STUNNER STUNNER!