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By Bobby Hundreds

Unlike most clothing companies, we don’t really have a celebrity sponsorship program at The Hundreds. I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the years, not all the big and famous rappers endorse our product, and we don’t have any pro skateboarders on our payroll. Kinda rare to see our stuff pop up in entertainment or a TV show. It’s just never been our thing, really. Sometimes I wonder if it always ends up working in our favor, considering we’re not attached to anyone else’s fame or relevance. Sure it can be nice when they’re on the up, but once they’re on the decline? I think back to my favorite brands and bands growing up and as soon as some famous kook started co-opting it, how bummed I would be. So yeah, maybe while everyone else thinks it’s the secret to fast success, we’ve dialed that gradual rise towards longevity by trying to keep it real and grounded.

What we do have, however, are personal friends in The Hundreds’ community who support us out of love and we appreciate it. Sometimes those friends have pretty big followings, and sometimes they’re just everyday, run-of-the-mill folk like you and I. Like Ruby Rose:


Adam from Pierce the Veil:


Jamie Chung:


Brodinski proudly repping that The Hundreds X Bromance collab:


Austin from Of Mice and Men posted this on IG last night:


and photographer Trash Hand: