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By Bobby Hundreds

There’s a bomb Peruvian restaurant on Melrose called Mario’s. The retarded parking lot will make you want to swallow glass, and the Health and Sanitation Department gave it a solid B (p.s. You can have a rat in the kitchen and still get an A, so…), but that just builds up to the handsome reward decadently smothered in green spicy sauce. Start off with a fried calamari and follow it up with a #20 chicken/noodle dish, and you’re good to go.. rrright to bed. Quite possibly the worst thing you could eat for lunch on a busy workday. Zzzz

The industry-fameworthy Aaron Levant (Agenda) and the other kind of fameworthy Mr. Joe Hahn (SURU / Linkin Park).



Speaking of suspect behavior, I got a little surprise brewing for Dom, but he doesn’t know it yet. In fact, he’ll find out what that surprise is on the same day that I tell you guys about it. Which could either be the funniest or stupidest decision I can make in my young adult life, but that’s why they invented reincarnation. I’m gonna come back as a Transformer!


When you’re rocking a Black Card, there’s an unspoken rule that lunch is on you. Thanks Joe. Lunch tastes better when it’s free.


Actually, this card wins way more points in my book. Why do rich people get everything for free? That’s sorta backwards.. We should make poor people pay double.


Dom’s girl got him a new whip for Christmas. Now, he’s going nowhere even faster.


by bobbyhundreds