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BEST OF THE HUNDREDS TV :: July 27 - Aug 1

BEST OF THE HUNDREDS TV :: July 27 - Aug 1

By Andy Taylor

Lots of great new episodes on The Hundreds TV this past week. Appreciate everyone supporting and tuning in, especially in its early phase. You guys have put up with all sorts of technical difficulties, time changes, sound issues, all of it. Can’t wait for you to see where we take it.
Alright, so Office Hours is shot live from The Hundreds Homebase every Monday afternoon and truly anything can happen. And last episode, it did. We know you guys love behind the scenes stuff so we’re happy to give you such a memorable opening to Office Hours. I really tried to tell Bobby we were live like 3 or 4 times.
Then, on Tuesday, we all tripped out and had a Grateful Dead-themed episode of Greatest Hits. There are still a few pieces left and they’re all deadstock, do NOT miss out on these gems.
Wednesdays are big on THTV. We have Dropping In at 9 PM PST, right when our new product drops happen. Bobby takes you through the whole collection that just hit the Online Shop and lets you see everything up close and personal. This week, he took you through the whole first delivery of Fall 2020, and we even got VERY RARE appearances by our designers Erica and David.
Then, after Dropping In, it’s time for our late-night talk show, Night Terrors. Sandy, Brice, and Duke hop in a Call of Duty party and treat it like a radio show, surely pissing off everyone they play online with. But they don’t care because #content. Watch the latest episode here.
On Saturdays, we close the week out with some recovery. YOGA with Ms. Whang airs every Saturday morning at 9 AM. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. It’s a conflict with your cartoons. But dude, it’s 2020 and you can stream the cartoons literally at any time of day or night. You need this yoga class in your life.