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By Bobby Hundreds

Baron Davis used to come around Rosewood when The Store was still our studio. We thought that was pretty cool of him, especially back when we were just toolin’ around with our rinky-dink operation. But you know what’s even cooler? The fact that THIS IS AS CLOSE AS WE’LL EVER GET TO TOUCHING JESSICA ALBA.

Baron and recent-newlywed Cash Warren were honored with the humanitarian award for producing the documentary Made in America about gang violence in L.A, last night at the Celebration of Mentoring Awards and Gala.

BD and Cash also run (which our homey Jordan also has a hand in). I’m sure you’ve heard about this social-networking-by-way-of-competition website over the past few weeks, especially because of Jessica Hundreds’ contribution:

SOURCE: Just Jared
by bobbyhundreds