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5 Years of Primitive :: Part 1

5 Years of Primitive :: Part 1


This past weekend was a fun eventful one. The good people of Primitive Shoes/Apparel turned five. Now if you remember 2008 you would recall it not being considered by most the best time to launch any new business due to the fact we were hitting the biggest recession in recent history. While I am sure a lot of businesses who launched at this time failed there was also a number of them who succeeded and I can say it is awesome to know that Primitive is one of them. Whatever they did, they did right and it shows how they grew from a tastemaker shop to a full on apparel brand. I think it has to do with how the guys behind it look at their approach to doing things and along with that remembering to give back to the people that support them. This year they held their annual b.b.q. that goes on in back of the shop  and then the following day they held a X-Games after party event at club Icon in downtown L.A. So today I am gonna post the photos from the b.b.q. at their shop which was filled with a lot of smiles and some quality food from the good people at Free Range. It felt more like family event then a gathering of acquaintances which was fitting for the day and leading up to their next party which was much different. So check the photos below remember to swing by their shop and wish them a happy 5 year.



What up Jubal



Irene getting a photo of me getting a photo of…. her phone case.


Free Range life.


Boo the Puggle was out there.


Jubal and Andy


Ron was Fearing and Loathing in the parking lot.


Baby Scumbag enjoying the eats.


What up Schulte


Stevie Perez got to meet Tianna. I think he was stoked.


E got to meet Tianna too.


Good crew.


What up Steven


Smoking section.


Ladies of the day Tianna,Ashley Marie,Nicky and Irene


I rarely post photos with me in them but I had to do this one. But it is not too often you get to have friends in your life for 20 years so when you do you cherish them. Congrats guys on five years and for many more to come! Stay tuned for tomorrows post from Icon you are gonna enjoy those pics.